Discover Aboriginal Experiences

Discover Aboriginal Experiences is a collective of quality, authentic Aboriginal guided tourism offerings delivered by the world’s oldest living culture that include a diversity of experiences that create truly memorable Australian journeys.

This collective is part of Tourism Australia’s Signature Experiences of Australia Program that packages and promotes Australia’s outstanding Aboriginal tourism products.

Aboriginal guides are warm, welcoming and extremely generous of spirit.  They are keen to share their stories, provide insight into their culture and bring the landscape to life allowing visitors to gain a deeper appreciation of Australia.  Adventure seekers, cultural enthusiasts, foodies and nature lovers will benefit from the extensive knowledge and insights an Aboriginal guide can provide.

Every part of Australia is Aboriginal country and every part of that country has a series of unique stories and experiences. Discover Aboriginal Experiences offers an exciting array of activities, tours and accommodation; from exploring labyrinths of ancient and contemporary rock art, quad biking, kayaking, whale watching, fishing, mud crabbing, hiking, taking a walking tour in a city centre or staying in a lodge on over 200 square miles of lily laden flood plains teaming with wildlife.