Luxury Lodges of Australia

For anyone who thinks they know Australia, but haven’t visited recently (or at all), take note. The Australian travel landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade or so. This vast continent has seen the creation of a new breed of exceptional lodges and camps in some of its most beautiful and uniquely Australian regions.

Australia for the first time boasts a critical mass of experience-based luxury properties to appeal to upscale global travelers and adventure seekers. Luxury Lodges of Australia is a membership association offering a collective voice and presence for these lodges and camps. It is a central point of reference for anyone searching for high-end (Australian) travel experiences.

There are nineteen independently owned and operated lodges in the Luxury Lodges of Australia collection. But this is no ordinary hotel ‘group’. This is a collection of like-minded entrepreneurs, each passionate enough about a unique region of Australia to invest deeply in creating the kind of upscale but intimate lodging and bespoke experiences they know sophisticated global travelers seek.

Australia is now, more than ever, one of the most exciting and desirable travel destinations globally. Australia’s diversity is unique. It is high on the must-go list for upscale travelers looking for the world’s best experiences.”

Each lodge has developed signature experiences and activities to showcase the special aspects of its region – pristine natural landscapes, wildlife, indigenous heritage, nature, food and wine and more. It is these experiences that define the new Australian luxury and showcase Australia’s extraordinary diversity.