Hobart — Salamanca Markets & Historic Battery Point

Salamanca Place in Sullivans Cove is Hobart’s favourite hangout. It’s where the hip meet the homespun and everything in between.

Lined with a long row of simple Georgian sandstone warehouses built in the 1830s, Salamanca is where historical Hobart and modern cafés, restaurants, and bustling bars converge.

These mellow north-facing buildings once stored grain, wool, whale oil, apples and imported goods from around the world. Nowadays, you can wander under the heavy stone arches to find craft and design shops, jewellers, coffee shops, restaurants, the Peacock Theatre, subterranean bookshops, outdoor gear, and fashion boutiques. Or you can climb the stairs to the Salamanca Arts Centre and artists’ galleries.

Each Saturday, the square is closed to traffic to make way for the Salamanca Market, where you can buy anything from a handmade wooden toy or a hand-spun and knitted sweater, to fresh fruit and vegetables or an antique china plate. Across the road there are green lawns and park benches shaded by trees that twinkle with fairy lights in the evenings.

A great place to take in the beauty of Hobart and hospitality of Tasmanian people, Salamanca never fails to impress.

Image Credits: Tourism Tasmania, Hobart City Council, Ellenor Argyropoulos & Tanya Chalice Photography