Air Adventure + GGCA

Air Adventure and Great Golf Courses of Australia join forces to offer a new golf experience, unmatched in convenience, style and comfort.

Great Golf Courses of Australia are very pleased to announce our official partnership with Air Adventure.

Linking mainland Aus and the more remote courses of Tasmania (Barnbougle Dunes and Barnbougle Lost Farm) and King Island (Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes), this all Australian private charter company specialise in luxury air travel in their immaculate Swiss-built Pilatus aircraft. 

An all-inclusive travel experience, tours organised with GGCA and Air Adventure include flights, local transportation, accommodation and tee times with the added convenience of landing on-property at Barnbougle and a short car trip from the courses on King Island; avoiding commercial check-in and large airport rigmarole. This luxury golfing experience offers local and travelling golfers the opportunity to play the Bass Strait triangle in unmatched convenience, style and comfort.

At Air Adventure your safety is the number 1 priority. The Outback Jet is flown by a highly qualified Commercial Captain and fully maintained to the highest Aviation Safety Program.

To add a private travel experience with Air Adventure to your upcoming GGCA itinerary please discuss with our booking agent when planning your GGCA experience.