Tasmania’s Whisky Trail

Tasmanians didn’t set out to become an island of whisky producers, but they soon discovered that the clean and fresh produce available on the island is ideal for making distinct and fine whisky.

According to whisky connoisseurs, Tasmania grows some of the world’s best brewing barley. Its highlands abound in rich peat, its water is soft, clean, and pure, and the temperature and humidity create a climate well suited-to the maturation of fine malt whiskies.

Take a guided ‘whisky walk’ through Hellyers Road Distillery at Burnie in north-west Tasmania, where you’ll get to pour and wax-seal your own bottle. At Bothwell, one hour’s drive from Hobart, is the farm-based Nant Distillery, named after the eponymous valley on the periphery of Tasmania’s Central Plateau region. The distillery utilises the pristine waters of the Central Highlands. Here, you can enjoy a tour of the distillery, or down a dram in the Atrium Lounge and Whisky Bar while enjoying the views. Finally, at the Lark Distillery located at Hobart’s atmospheric waterfront, where the yachts from the Sydney-to-Hobart Classic anchor, the range of distilled products includes the flagship single malt whisky, plus premium vodka, gin, and (something you don’t oft see in Scotland) bush liqueurs.

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Image Credits: Tourism Tasmania, Rob Burnett & Samuel Shelley