At our golf academy, discover all the information you need to know about playing golf in Australia.

The in’s and out’s of playing golf in Australia.

Part of golf’s appeal is the history and etiquette surrounding this wonderful (and sometimes ridiculous) game. Australian golf is no different and we ask that you please respect standard rules and regulations when playing our spectacular courses. The following information is designed to assist you with planning and booking your golf trip to Australia.

Whats the best time of year to golf in Australia?

Australia is a large country and subsequently, there are considerable variations in climate between the northern and southern states. The positive news? This means you can play golf all year round in Australia. Below we have detailed the climates of each state which will help you to decide where to golf, when.

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Can I hire a Caddie?

Unlike many of the courses in the U.S, U.K and Asia, caddies are not available at all clubs in Australia.

If you would like a caddie for your round, it’s essential that this request is made upon booking your golf tee times. The clubs will be able to then confirm the viability of a caddie or otherwise.

Caddie fee’s vary from club to club, however please note that caddies my be paid cash on the day, so please bring enough cash to cover your caddie fee + 20% tip.

Getting Around - flights, driving and distances between destinations.

Australia is a very large country. If you are planning to visit multiple destinations during your trip, it’s important to account for travel time between cities and from your hotel to the golf course.

We have created an easy-to-read map and table to assist you in the panning process.


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Can I book a drive cart?

The availability of carts on Australian courses will vary from club to club. Golf in its traditional form, from Scottish and Irish origins, is played without carts and many of the great courses in Australia have inherited this tradition.

However, should a golfer be physically unable to walk a course, carts may be made available. Please be sure to enquire about cart hire when planning your itinerary. As a general rule, golfers are required to submit their handicap during the golf booking process.

Dress Code

Dress Code is the final element of the game that makes it, well, golf!

Dress code may vary from course to course, but as a general rule, golf gear must be neat and casual. Collared shirts or golf polos are required for both men and women and shorts must be, at minimum, knee length.


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