Explore Ancient Aboriginal Culture at Mutawintji National Park

Mutawintji National Park is a special place; you can feel it when you’re there. You may not be able to quite put your finger on what it is, but the beauty and tranquility of this place will remain with you long after you leave.

Dominated by the rugged, fiery red Bynguano Ranges, Mutawintji National Park is characterised by beautiful gorges lined with majestic river red gums occasionally punctuated by dark, mysterious rockpools. In this idyllic oasis, the silence of the desert is broken only by the sounds of birds and animals.

Amongst the rocky cliffs, secrets of an ancient culture are revealed. Dotted throughout the maze of overhangs and rock-faces lies an array of Aboriginal rock art and engravings, providing evidence of continuous occupation of this area stretching back over 8,000 years. The scattered remains of fireplaces, stone flakes, and grinding stones on the flats paint a picture of the day-to-day life of the people who once occupied the area. The park was returned to its traditional owners in 1998 and is held on their behalf by the Mutawintji Local Aboriginal Land Council.

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Image Credit: Broken Hill Tourism & Destination NSW.