Hamilton & the Whitsunday Islands

Lying in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, in the warm waters of Australia’s Coral Sea are 74 tropical islands known as the Whitsunday Islands.

Most of the Whitsunday Islands are beautiful, tropical, uninhabited islands, but eight offer a variety of resort accommodation, all with the Great Barrier Reef and fringing coral reefs at their doorstep.

Charter a yacht and skipper yourself, or take a cruise and let someone else do the sailing for you — either way, let the grandeur of the landscape and the endless horizon dotted with islands wash over you. Closer to water level, jet ski or kayak through the tropical islands, or for a bird’s eye view, take in the panorama of the Whitsundays landscape from a seaplane or helicopter.

On the fringe of the Whitsundays, Hamilton Island offers spectacular golf on Australia’s only island course. Stay at the luxurious Qualia, taking time to relax by the pool, partake in snorkeling and diving on the nearby reef or cruise to the pristine white sands of Whitehaven beach, located 30 minutes away by yacht.

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Image Credits: Tourism & Events Queensland