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What time of year should I golf in Australia?

Australia is a large country and subsequently, there are considerable variations in climate between the northern and southern states. The positive news? This means you can play golf all year round in Australia. Below we have detailed the climates of each state which will help you to decide where to golf, when.

For reference, The Australian seasons are:

Spring: September – November

Summer: December – February

Autumn: March – May

Winter: June – August


Queensland is known for year-round sunshine, beaches and tropical weather. The climate in Queensland is very tropical, with the state typically experiencing a wet and a dry season. The Australian Summer (Dec- Feb) tends to see increased rain in the state (especially as you go further north toward the equator) whereas in The Australian winter (June – August) the opposite is true, with the weather calm, dry and mild to warm. Summer is also a time of high humidity.


NSW is relatively warm year round with winter temperatures rarely below 16 degree’s C. The spring and summer can experience more rain as the state, particularly the north, tends to more tropical weather similar to Queensland. Summer will see higher humidity. Spring, Autumn and Winter are perfect for golf.


As we venture further south to Victoria, we see four distinct seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn  and Winter.

Spring and Autumn are idea playing conditions with the dry summer heat in Victoria (sometimes reaching 40 degrees C) making golfing on some summer days challenging. Victoria is known to have ‘four seasons in a day’ so despite some very hot summer days, the majority are pleasant 24-30 degrees.

Winter is certainly cooler, however late Autumn, early winter tends to see cool, calm days and is beautiful golf weather if you don’t mind a fresh start.


Tasmania and the ACT experience very similar weather. Like Victoria, these states see four distinct seasons. Both states tend to see slightly cooler winters compared to Victoria, whilst Summer in the ACT is dry and war., in Tasmania it is slightly milder with the average temperature 23-25 degrees C.


Summer’s in South Australia are warm and dry and its winters are mild making it a great destination for year round golf.


Western Australia is a very large state and therefore the climate does vary depending on your location. However, the majority of golf courses are located around and south of Perth where the summers are warm and dry and the winter’s are mild – perfect for year-round golf