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Getting Around

Australia is a big country and whilst this offers amazing diversity in our golf experiences, it’s also important to ensure you allow enough time to achieve all the activities in your itinerary. The table below is a handy reference tool that provides approximate drive times between airports, major cities and the courses.


Courses   State Nearest
Drive time 
from airport Drive 
from CBD
Royal Melbourne Victoria MEL 45 mins 35 mins
Kingston Heath Victoria MEL 45 mins 30 mins
The National Victoria MEL 1 hr 25 mins 1 hr 15 mins
Victoria Victoria MEL 45 mins  35 mins
Metropolitan Victoria MEL 35 mins 25 mins
Woodlands Victoria MEL 45 mins 35 mins
Peninsula  Kingswood Victoria MEL 55 mins 40 mins
Commonwealth Victoria MEL 45 mins 25 mins
Yarra Yarra Victoria MEL 40 mins 30 mins
Huntingdale Victoria MEL 40 mins 25 mins
NSW Golf Club New South Wales SYD 15 mins 25 mins
The Lakes New South Wales SYD 5 mins 20 mins
Hamilton Island Queensland HTI Ferry Ride Ferry Ride
Barnbougle Dunes Tasmania LST 1 hr 20 mins
Barnbougle Lost Farm Tasmania LST 1 hr 20 mins
Cape Wickham Tasmania KNS 1 hr 1 hr
Royal Adelaide South Australia ADL 10 mins 18 mins
The Grange SA, Adelaide ADL 14 mins 20 mins
Royal Adelaide SA, Adelaide ADL 3 mins 15 mins
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About golf in Australia

Letters of Introduction

Many of the clubs in the Great Golf Courses of Australia Collective are private member clubs. As such, some of the clubs require travelling golfers to present a letter of introduction from your home club to secure your tee time reservation. This letter is usually prepared by your director of golf and will detail your member status and handicap, acting as an introduction from one club to another. If you would like more information on the clubs which require a letter of introduction and the details that should be included, please feel free to contact us.

Walking or Driving? Carts at Australian courses.

Golf in its traditional form, from Scottish and Irish origins, is played without carts and many of the great courses in Australia have inherited this tradition. However, should a golfer be physically unable to walk a course, carts may be made available on provision of a Medical Certificate which can be obtained from your doctor. Please be sure to enquire about cart hire with the golf club in question when planning your itinerary.

Golf Handicaps

Australia's great golf routes vary in difficulty depending on the style of course, the topography and of course, the weather! As a general rule, golfers are required to submit their handicap during the golf booking process. This will enable the Director of Golf at each course to best recommend which tee's you should play from during your visit, ensuring that you are presented with a challenge that aligns with your golfing ability. Please be sure to have your handicap ready during the booking process.